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Jet Tec


За Jet Tec

DCI was formed in 1983 originally producing typewriter cassettes.

In 1996, DCI launched the Jet Tec brand, an inkjet brand with a high profile image utilising our own high quality inkjet product.

Today, Jet Tec has grown into one of Europe’s largest suppliers of compatible and remanufactured inkjet and toner cartridges.

Extensive and innovative R&D has seen us developing many unique ideas that make our production more efficient, more reliable and generate repeat sales for our customers.

All research, development, manufacturing, tooling, ink formulation and packaging design is done in our UK based factory.

Our current facility allows us to remanufacture over 2.5 million inkjet cartridges and 100,000 laser toner cartridges per month.

The company’s philosophy is simple: to create a quality, cost effective alternative to the OEM’s.