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AF International is Europe’s leading manufacturer of PC, office equipment and multi-media cleaning products, which are used throughout the world.

A comprehensive range of specialised anti-static and antibacterial products is manufactured to ISO9001:2008 certification at our plants in the United Kingdom and China, and packaged in distinctive multi-language blue, silver and yellow packaging which is widely recognised as the world-leading brand.


За бели дъски (7)


Providing a safe, easy to use and effective cleaning solution for traditional and interactive whiteboards.

A range of products that meets the needs of the education and corporate markets. The daily use of interactive and traditional whiteboards is common and this range provides a safe, easy to use and effective cleaning solution.


За CD/DVD и почистващи карти (9)


A range of plain or encoded cleaning cards for cleaning and maintaining magnetic card reading equipment. All the cards are 54mm (h) X 86mm (w) except Cardclene-Cash which are 81mm (h) x 201mm (w).

Cardclene should be passed through the swipe machine three or four times and by turning the card around you will make use of both sides of the card before discarding.  To keep the keypads on the card reading machines clean and efficient use AF Ultraclene wipes.

To prolong the life of your CD and DVD optical heads and to ensure the integrity of sound and data AF have developed products specifically to maintain your machines’ performance. Products are simple and quick to use, just insert into the relevant drive and follow the sound and screen instructions.


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A carefully formulated range of surface cleaning products which has been designed for safe and efficient use on all types of plastic and moulded cases as well as non-porous surfaces. The products ensure not only pristine looking surfaces but also a hygienic office space.

Сухи кърпи и тампони (9)


AF supply a range of natural and synthetic wipes and buds for cleaning and drying a wide variety of surfaces. For use in conjunction with AF screen and surface cleaners to ensure a perfect result even in the most inaccessible areas.

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AF specifically manufactures this unique range of products for the professional maintenance engineer or the more technically proficient user who is responsible for keeping the office equipment (fax machine, printer, photocopier, scanner etc…) in good working order.

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Dirt, dust and greasy fingerprints make screens difficult to read and may lead to headaches, eyestrain and cause wrinkles in the delicate skin around the eyes. The AF range of screen cleaning products provide a non-flammable, non-toxic, non-smearing solution.

Where they are most likely to be used:

A variety of screen types are available in today’s market; TFT and LCD are amongst the most common, but now tablet, LED and plasma technology calls for a softer but effective cleaning solution. AF has a cleaner for ALL types of screen.

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All are manufactured from a non-flammable blend of gases. There are a variety of strengths on offer; standard, high power and super-power, as well as non-invertible and invertible aerosols to allow access to the most difficult of areas.

Ideal for computers, keyboards, printers, timing devices, cash machines, fax machines, photocopiers, audio/video equipment, photo equipment, VCRs, CDs and delicate lab equipment.